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Whenever we plan an application as a developer, what do we keep our ultimate goal? Of course, developing one of the most profitable apps, Isn’t it right? Unless we are not developing an app for a social cause, app development should have clarified a profitable plan as it is a time-consuming and costly process.

In this article, we will talk about a shravskitchen.com few categories in which the most profitable apps belong. It will provide a base for building a blueprint for our app development preference.

What Type of Apps Makes the Most Money?

Well, it entirely depends upon the features apps are providing. Nevertheless, some factors affect this element as well. We can first discuss those factors that affect the profitable apps in detail.

  • Apps with Unique USP’s

What our apps offer ultimate features don’t matter. It has to have some USPs for growing profit. For instance, if we talk about dating apps, there are plenty of dating apps that provide features like swipe to like, see who liked you back, super likes, etc.

Nevertheless, for making our app one of the most profitable apps of all time, we are required to offer USPs and add something that our competitors do not have.

  • Services offered by the App

Well, services matter very much. If we were taking examples of streaming apps, we would know that apps like Netflix Amazon prime accept some and maintain a good reputation compared to their alternative. The quality of the content is better than their competitors, which is the reason for their good reputation.

  • App Development Cost and Revenue

Whenever a plan is being built to finalize the app, we can calculate the cost and expected revenue. Consequently, while making the blueprint, we have to be answering a few questions like what kind of apps make the most money? Do we have anything unique to offer which our users want? Our profit and revenue scholarly depend on these answers and our plans.

What Kind of Apps Make the Most Money?

If we are an app development company or a developer and we want to be building one of the most profitable android apps of all time, well, it needs planning. We can be observing and planning according to our target market and priorities. However, we will give you a short idea of the factors which might influence our planning to improve it.

  • Type of App Matters A Lot

We need to understand that our type of app will be affecting our prophet. We need to figure out whether we are building an app for students to learn or an app on which people can play games. It is dependent upon our idea.

For example, there are many giving apps existing in the market today. Though if we think that we can be developing a game that might make users addicted, we should go for it. Moreover, we can make our gaming app one of the most profitable apps of all time.

  • The Platform Contains A Huge Influence

We have to be figuring out the type of devices that are used by our target audience. We can build two types of apps. Developers can build hybrid apps for multiple devices. Therefore they are also called cross-platform apps. Hybrid apps are cheaper and less costly for maintenance.

Moreover, we can also be building one of the apps to make it function on different devices and operating systems.

  • Size of the Market

Now we have also understood that market size influences our prophet. For example, if we will be going through the best app categories, we will be finding that apps from generous like gaming music gambling extra hour on the top.

The reason behind these categories for being on the top is that their target market is huge. If we talk about games, we’ll get to know that they are not language-specific most of the time apart from the UI. If the gameplay is being addictive, we will easily find that it is under top-grossing app categories with a very good marketing strategy.

Most Profitable App Categories

Now to understand the most profitable android apps of all time, let us all breakdown into them in various categories and understand their influence on the market.

1. Dating Apps

According to Statista, the online dating segment’s total revenue is projected to be touching $3,241 million in 2021. Moreover, it has been found in research by the pew research center that 30% of us adults have used dating apps at least once in our lifetime; however, if we would be comparing statistics of the users in the stands on the top amongst the most profitable apps for dating.

2. Health and Fitness Apps

Within the evolution of technology and the adoption of smartphones in almost every sector of our life, health and fitness apps can easily be considered to make most of the money. Health apps are being used worldwide by various categories of users such as athletes, patients, fitness enthusiasts and many more.

According to Statista, health and fitness apps were installed almost 593 million times globally in the first quarter of 2020. However, the same category has seen 446 million installations in the 2019 last quarter.

Statista also mentions that the fitness and health app industry had a worth of $1.788 billion in 2016. The same was expected to touch $4.1 billion in 2021. In the US, the leading fitness app markets are Fitbit and Adidas.

3. Gaming and Gambling Apps

It is noticed that gaming apps have always seen rapid growth in the app market industry. The game analytics States, which was the first quarter of 2020, has seen 46% in users. The number of users has increased up to 1.75 billion per month.

Moreover, among all the apps downloaded in 2020, 21% off Android and 25% of us were all games. According to these statistics, casual games have control of the most market shares with 58.86%. however, the simulation-based games only get to cover 13.19% of the gaming app market

4. Music and Entertainment Apps

Several media-based applications, especially those optimized through media entertainment consulting are on the top if we’re searching for the best product categories in the Google Play Store. Several developers concentrate on this market by offering different services such as music streaming, audio editing, text, etc.

5. Social Media Apps

App Annie estimates that almost all users in the world market have downloaded and used Facebook. In comparison, WhatsApp has as many registered users as possible worldwide. As we can see, social media applications are not only used for messaging; they are also used for many other activities.

For instance, business owners use Facebook and Instagram for approaching and advertising to customers. Facebook also has other functionality, such as streaming, multiplayer gaming, etc., available. The key argument is that Facebook provides 94% of its mobile sales itself.

Key Takeaways

  1. For the past two years, Social Media Apps have also taken over the software industry;
  2. The preferable applications for entertainment are music and streaming platforms rather than the gaming sector;
  3. The technological developments and business expansion of the health and wellness app was quick on the market
  4. The demand for gaming and gambling apps will produce the majority of the sales between all other applications.

It is advisable to do good analysis and successful preparation to ensure that our app falls inside the top-grossing app categories once launched. Good marketing and customer satisfaction are also significant. We are required to invest a lot in growth to make a decent profit.

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